Sandi Kids was born when two new mothers were let down by the babywear options on the high street. It seemed as though their children were being placed in well-defined boxes before they’d even been born.

Our narrative ‘Clothes for the undefinable generation’ perfectly captures their mission. Which we combined with an identity that reflects their warm and playful nature, alongside a beautifully-curated online presence.


Child Fashion


Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction
Brand Messaging

For little ones
with lots to say.

When the passion to create comes from a place so personal, the brand story and key messaging of Sandi Kids needed to reflect that: ‘We want little people with big personalities to feel free to be themselves. Not defined by their clothes, but uplifted by them.’

When creating the visual identity we were inspired by the simplicity and style of the first collection. This inspiration is reflected both in the unique wordmark and brought to life through a playful animation.

As Sandi Kids is an online business, visited purely via screens, we developed a monogram to use across all devices when the full logo would be too small.

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