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Platinum Search

Platinum Search are more than recruiters. Their consultative approach allows them to partner with clients to find the best talent, and with candidates to find a role that’s the perfect fit.

When Platinum Search came to us, this message wasn’t as clear. They were lost in terms of what their brand, positioning and offering should be. We helped them define what exactly it is that they do, and postioned them to speak to right people.




Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Art Direction
Web Design + Development

Platinum Search were looking for an identity that felt trustworthy and friendly, with a core thread of care running throughout.

They’re aware that post-2020, finding the right people is more important than ever. With issues of social equality and diversity, as well as mental health and wellbeing also rightfully coming to the forefront.

Making a difference,
no matter how small.

We created a brand and tone of voice that felt approachable yet sophisticated, in order to illustrate Platinum Search’s key ethos to help wherever possible. They pride themselves on a collaborative and personal service – something they’ve become well known for.

We created a distinctive, shortened monogram to be used when the full logo would be too small. 

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